Sultry Brownie Look (1028 Visual Therapy Brand Review)

1028 Complete look 2

I LOVE to bake. I love everything about it: the mixing, the scooping, the whisking… I love it all (except the washing up, of course). I’m an avid baker of brownies because they’re easy to make and taste absolutely divine: chewy, melty and chocolatey with every bite (here’s the recipe I always go back to, in case you were wondering). So when the opportunity came up to create a look inspired by brownies came up, I knew I definitely had to jump onto that bandwagon ASAP! Continue reading


Palladio Velvet Matte Metallic Cream Colour (Review + Swatches)

Palladio Velvet Metallic Matte Cream Lip Colour 2

I remember when the metallic lipstick trend first exploded on the scene. My first thoughts sounded something like “Why would anyone wear something that emphasizes the cracks of their lips like that?” and “God, isn’t that terribly gaudy?”. Well, I’m ready to eat my words now: I really want more of that liquid metal on my face! Formulas have improved tremendously over time, and I found myself in love with the cool futuristic sheen that adds just enough drama to a look without looking like you tried too hard.
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Brand Review: Orkid Cosmetics

I love the idea of trying out what brands from the local scene has to offer. There’s something pretty satisfying about trying something out and being able to compare it to other bigger brands that everyone is accustomed to. I was recently given the chance to try out Orkid Cosmetics, a Malaysian brand that specializes in matte liquid lipsticks, and honey, you KNOW I’m all about that liquid lipstick life.

Orkid Cosmetics

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6 Tips To Rock Makeup With Glasses + Malaya Optical Review


You know what they say: the eyes are the windows to your soul. While we might need some help in making sure our seeing department is at its best, this doesn’t mean you have to give up makeup just because of glasses. Whether you’re a newbie at the frame game or perhaps giving your peepers a break from contact lenses, here are a couple of my favorite tips on how to look as good as you see. Continue reading

Brand Review: Jerlynn’L

If I could use one word to describe what my skin is like, “sensitive” would just about cover it. Unfortunately, my skin is very susceptible to getting irritations and redness, so I’m pretty picky about the products I use on both my face and body (I’m not one to have a high-annoyance tolerance when it comes to skin hypersensitivity). Since I get irritations super easily, it’s always a struggling battle between wanting to smell or look good and using a product that won’t ruin my skin.


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My Fat Story: Impulse Studio Asia Experience


I know what you’re thinking: what is this girl doing talking about life things? I’m just here for the beauty stuff. I know, I know, it’s out of character for me, but I feel like this is something I feel strongly about and I’d like to talk about it a little. Let me just start by saying this: I am a fat girl. There, I’ve said it. I acknowledge it, I accept it, I am it. Continue reading

Mamonde: Honeysuckle First Energy Essence & Serum


I know, I know: I’m a little late on the K-Beauty wagon. There, I’ve said it. I’ve never been one to indulge in the Korean culture much; I never listened to K-pop, dressed in Korean street fashion or immersed myself in Korean dramas, to say the least. The only thing I was really a fan of was their food (mmm, Korean BBQ anyone?), but something I can definitely see myself divulging into from here on out is K-Beauty. It seems Korean women (and men!) have found the answer to the everlasting conquest to flawless skin, and I find myself expanding both my knowledge and beauty arsenal with K-beauty products to join them on this journey, eager to discover what Korean beauty products can do for my skin. Continue reading

Get ready to celebrate! #AltheaTurns1


Can you believe that Althea’s already been around for an entire year? Seems like just yesterday I heard about it from my friend who told me about this amazing K-Beauty site and how they ship products that are sold lower than retail price directly from Korea (which by the way, was the thing that got me into it). I’ve since bought myself a few boxes worth of stuff, and this has very quickly become my favorite way to source for Korean beauty products! I won’t lie: it can get very, very addictive. Their great shipping deal combined with the fact that they also have products that are hard to find locally really keep me coming back for more (not to mention that they have some pretty awesome products too). Back to their birthday celebration, naturally for such a great company, Althea decided to celebrate it really big for their first birthday! Continue reading

Review: Keep In Touch White Blending Base



I’ll be very honest with you: for the longest time, I had little to no faith in BB cushions. I couldn’t comprehend the idea of carrying around a bulky compact and patting on the “little to no coverage” makeup with some sorta puff… The idea was just very foreign to me and to be frank, not very appealing. So you can imagine my hesitation when I was presented with the opportunity to try one of these babies out. I gingerly took it up and tried it out, and I was actually very pleasantly surprised.


Keep In Touch’s White Blending Base cushion is a hybrid formula of a whitening serum and coverage foundation that has an SPF of 50+ and PVA+++. Let me just be the first to say that the design is absolutely adorable! The little black and red heart really takes me back to my darker, emo days (flashback!) and my 14-year-old self would have loved it like no other. The packaging is great: nice and sturdy, and comes with your standard cushion features including a puff and mirror. The cushion portion closes well too, making sure that the product doesn’t dry out.


This product is made with a variety of ingredients including hyaluronic acid, camellia oil and madonna lily to do three things: correct and even out skin tones, hydrate the skin, and giving the product a matte finish to control oil. This cushion comes in two shades: #21, 01 Ivory Pure and #23, 02 Ivory Warm. I picked mine in the latter as the Korean’s standard “shade one” will always be too light for my skin tone. It has a nice, pleasant scent, and doesn’t really irritate my nose or my skin. Upon application, the product feels nice and blends really well despite having two different coloured products on the cushion. Coverage was quite good considering the fact that it was a BB cream product: I’d say medium, buildable coverage, but I still went in with a bit of concealer anyway to make my skin look flawless. It was a little bit light for my skin colour still, but that can be easily fixed with a darker powder over top. This product actually did a really good job of evening out my complexion and had a satin finish by the time I was done. While products which are more mattifying generally adhere and emphasize dry patches I have around my nose and under my chin, this does a good job of keeping those flakey parts at bay.


My oily-combo skin adores this product! Wearing it throughout the day, this product has minimal patchiness, and doesn’t slide around. I don’t end the day looking like an oil slick, and it held up the rest of my makeup pretty well too.


I’m genuinely surprised at how much I like this BB cushion. I’ll be honest and tell you that I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried it, but this has given me a pretty good impression so far. I got my Keep In Touch’s Whitening Blending Base Cushion from Althea and it can be bought for a special price of RM65 (RRP: RM155), and if you have oily-combo skin like me, you’d definitely want to think about picking this baby up. If you’re a first time Althea shopper, make sure you use my code somethinkblack during checkout to get an extra RM5 off your first order!

Have you guys tried out any other cushion type products which you really love? Make sure to let me know! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page for updates when I post and make sure you follow my Instagram as well. Thanks for reading!

*Products in this post were sponsored, but as always, I promise to give honest opinions and review of the products, no less. 😉