Wanderlust Things Unicorn Brushes

My fellow mystical creatures, rejoice! The beauty gods have blessed us with these gorgeous Unicorn Brushes from Wanderlust Things! Whether you’re just a little extra or you feel it in your soul that you’re more than just human (ahem, mermaid, ahem), these brushes are perfect for adding a little magic to your vanity table and to your beauty routine.

Unicorn Brushes

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The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Unboxing Haul

I had the pleasure of attending The Butterfly Project’s 4th birthday party last month. It was a lovely time when all the Butterflies came to celebrate such a great community that has brought bloggers and content creators of like minds together. This would not be possible without head, founder and mamasan of TBP, Tammy who has poured out so much time, effort and love into this community. We love you! โค


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Brand Review: Orkid Cosmetics

I love the idea of trying out what brands from the local scene has to offer. There’s something pretty satisfying about trying something out and being able to compare it to other bigger brands that everyone is accustomed to. I was recently given the chance to try out Orkid Cosmetics, a Malaysian brand that specializes in matte liquid lipsticks, and honey, you KNOW I’m all about that liquid lipstick life.

Orkid Cosmetics

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Brand Review: Jerlynn’L

If I could use one word to describe what my skin is like, “sensitive” would just about cover it. Unfortunately, my skin is very susceptible to getting irritations and redness, so I’m pretty picky about the products I use on both my face and body (I’m not one to have a high-annoyance tolerance when it comes to skin hypersensitivity). Since I get irritations super easily, it’s always a struggling battle between wanting to smell or look good and using a product that won’t ruin my skin.


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Brand Review: TheCandySkin


I’m always a big fan of finding out new brands to try, especially if they make products of good quality and don’t ย burn a hole in my pocket. TheCandySkin is a Malaysian brand which makes great, affordable products, and they sent me some stuff from their line to try out. Its about time some indie companies started making their way into the scene in this country!


The items sent to me included two velvet matte lipsticks, five eyeshadows, an eye primer/ cream eyeshadow, two foundation/concealer samples, two brushes and a pair of falsies. Let’s start with the bulk of the load: the eyeshadows.



TheCandySkin does two ranges of eyeshadows, SweetSeries and NaturalSeries. The ones which I got come from the former, and I’m pretty happy with the selection. All these are mineral loose pigments that can be used either dry or wet. The full range of these colours are great for everyday use, and should definitely be part of every neutral-shadow girl’s arsenal.

Dry Swatches

Ivory Lace is a shimmery off white colour with a slight pinky tone, and golden shimmer.

Virgo is a gold-taupe colour with golden shimmer. Very reflective, and very pretty.

The Gold is a orange toned gold shade, with just a little hint of lighter gold shimmers in it. This one’s more of a satin finish compared to the rest.

Copper Penny is a beautiful rust coloured pigment with copper and gold shimmer. Really unique in my collection, and definitely my favorite out of the five.

Swiss Chocolate is a satin-finish dark brown with just a hint of purple, and a little bit of gold shimmer thrown into the mix.

Overall these eyeshadows are really nice. The pigmentation is great, easy to apply, and a little does really go a long way. I love the fact that they give you the option to purchase these shadows either in full size or sample size, so if you’re like me and have commitment issues with sticking to just one colour, you get to try out more colours before you commit to a big pot.


The CandyPot eye primer in Champagne is very reminiscent of the MAC paintpots. This can be used either as a shimmery eye base, or as a cream eyeshadow on its own. These claim to be smudge proof, waterproof, and set in 10 seconds. These CandyPots come in darker shades as well, but those work better as gel eyeliners (which you can bet I’ll get my hands on in my next purchase).


Champagne really reminds me of Bare Study from MAC. Though I have yet to test them out side by side, it has the same shimmery type texture with a light golden pink tone. It glides on smoothly, and is really easy to blend out. However this product does set pretty fast, so don’t take too long to blend otherwise it’ll stick and won’t budge. Definitely a very pretty colour which a lady could get used to using for an easy everyday look.


To compliment the eyeshadows, I also got the HorseFluffyBrush which is an eyeshadow brush that’s great for lid application, and a Flat Concealer/Primer brush, which the site says can be used to apply cream products, but due to its small size, I’d probably use it to apply products under the eyes, or as a lip brush.


Next up are the Flawless Foundation Creams. These babies are multi-use and can work as both foundation and concealer. These are cream products, however they’re not too thick and are easy to blend out. They can be blended out using a sponge or foundation brush all over the face to give medium-full coverage, and can be dabbed in more concentrated spots to provide better concealing. These were sent in two shades: Almond and Hazelnut, in which the former suits my skin tone perfectly once blended out.


They do come off a little bit glowy once applied because it’s pretty emollient for a cream product, however once you put a setting powder on top, you don’t have to worry your pretty little head because they won’t budge. Do not let the creamy texture fool you though. These babies do pack a punch and can really be applied as needed till full coverage is achieved. Unfortunately these don’t come in many shades, with Almond and Hazelnut actually being the darkest two. If you come across a shade that fits your skin though, its definitely worth checking out.


The fourth product in the package are these really nice false lashes from their line. They’re the ChocolateLashes in #801, and they’re really natural looking falsies that taper out to give a nice fluttery eye effect. They come with a clear band as well, which is great for a more natural look, and makes the placement of the lashes easier as well without needing to conceal the band once applied. I generally prefer my lashes to come in black, but these ones are in dark brown. However that can be easily fixed with a coat of mascara after they’re applied to the lashline to ensure they blend well with your natural lashes.


Now, time for the last, but certainly not least part, the lip products! You know me, I can never say no to a good lipstick, especially when it comes in such cute packaging!

02 La Paquerette
02 La Paquerette
07 Laubepine
07 Laubepine

These lipsticks look pretty similar to the Colourpop’s Lippistix packaging wise, following the same pen-style twist up applicator. This is great for precision during application as you get a smaller tip to work with compared to the conventional bullet lipstick. The design on the packaging is a real eye catcher, with embossed patterns along the shaft, and the cutest little black charm on the end. Very pretty looking, and very different.


07 Laubepine
07 Laubepine
02 La Paquerette
02 La Paquerette

07 Laubepine is a lovely warm mid-tone pink with a hint of coral, while 02 La Paquerette is a warm brown nude. These lipsticks claim to be matte, but are more of a hybrid between satin and true matte finishes as they do have a tiny bit of a sheen to them. They are really pigmented and glide on really smoothly, without any of the annoying peeves like streaking or looking patchy.

07 Laubepine
07 Laubepine
02 Le Paquerette
02 Le Paquerette

I really, REALLY like these lipsticks. Application is great, and these shades suit Asian skin really well. I’m particularly impressed with 02 as it’s the perfect nude for my skin, and it’s generally pretty hard for me to find a nude shade that looks as good on me as this one does. Even 07 is lovely, a bold colour that isn’t too over the top, which makes it perfect for everyday use, and really brightens up my complexion. Overall, these lipsticks definitely hold a special place in my heart from TheCandySkin’s line of products.



Here’s a face I did incorporating some of TCS’s products, including the eyeshadows, lipstick and concealer/foundation cream. ๐Ÿ™‚

TheCandySkin’s products have been an absolute treat! My favorites would have to be the eyeshadows (both creams and pigments) and the lipsticks, and I’ll surely go back for more shades. The best part about these products are the affordable price! Prices for the items are:

  • MineralEyeshadowRM15 for full size, RM5 for sample size
  • CandyPot Cream EyeshadowRM39
  • HorseFluffyBrush –ย RM15
  • Flat Concealer/ Primer Brushย – RM 11.90
  • Flawless Foundation CreamsRM42
  • ChocolateLashesRM6 per pair
  • Velvet Matte LipsticksRM35

How affordable are these items?! For that kinda price, these items are exceptionally good quality, and I definitely recommend checking them out. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can find them at their website or their Facebook page.

Have you tried any of these items before, or do you know of any “indie” type brands I should try out? Don’t forget to like my Facebook pageย and subscribe to get updates on new posts when they come out! Have a great day โค

*Products in this post were sponsored, but as always, I promise to give honest opinions and review of the products, no less. ๐Ÿ˜‰