Palladio Velvet Matte Metallic Cream Colour (Review + Swatches)

Palladio Velvet Metallic Matte Cream Lip Colour 2

I remember when the metallic lipstick trend first exploded on the scene. My first thoughts sounded something like “Why would anyone wear something that emphasizes the cracks of their lips like that?” and “God, isn’t that terribly gaudy?”. Well, I’m ready to eat my words now: I really want more of that liquid metal on my face! Formulas have improved tremendously over time, and I found myself in love with the cool futuristic sheen that adds just enough drama to a look without looking like you tried too hard.

Palladio was generous enough to send over their latest Velvet Matte Metallic Cream Colours in the shades LV13 Lavish, LV14 Brilliant, LV15 Gilded, LV16 Ritzy and LV17 Opulent. The formula of these do not dry down, so as much as they’d like to claim the word “matte” in their name, they’re definitely not matte. They do wear pretty comfortably on the lips though, and are great for having for special occasions or wearing on because you feel like being extra on a day.

Velvet Metallic Matte Swatches
Top to bottom: Opulent, Ritzy, Gilded, Brilliant, Lavish

Opulent is a creamy burgundy with brown undertones. It has a slight pearly sheen, and contains very subtle flecks of fine pink glitter. Very wearable for those who love vampy lips like I do.


This shade reminds me of Christmas! Ritzy is a festive pinkish red with fine gorgeous purple flecks that glimmer in the light. Very pretty!


This is definitely one of the more “out there” shades. Gilde is a luxurious pearlescent bronzey gold. Very Cleopatra-esque, and will definitely look very nice on darker skintones.


Brilliant applies on a little streakier than the rest, but can definitely be built up to full coverage. This shade is a burnt brown with pinky flecks and in my opinion, is also one of the more interesting shades.


Lavish is a creamy berry shade that has fine purple flecks. I can definitely see myself wearing this one on the daily!

These lipsticks feel really smooth upon application and aren’t gritty at all despite the fact that they have glitter in the formula. While some did apply on better than others, I do really like the rich colours of this range (they speak to my inner vampire, obvs). If you’re looking for something new to add to your lippie collection, you should definitely check these out!

Palladio’s Velvet Matte Metallic Lip Colours retail for RM35.90 at Guardian Malaysia, and you can check them out on their Facebook page as well. What do you guys think of these lipsticks? Would you rock the metallic lip trend? Let me know down in the comment section down below!

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*Products in this post were sent to me for review, but as always, I promise to give honest opinions and review of the products, no less.😉


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