Review: Klairs Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer

Picture1I’m always on the hunt for a good concealer. There’s just something magical about seeing those imperfections disappear on your skin with just a little swipe-and-blend motion. I recently got my hands on Klairs’ Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer, and I’m really eager to see how this fairs on my skin.


Klairs is a Korean skincare brand which specializes in cosmetics for sensitive skin. They make their products from natural ingredients, and they don’t test on animals as well (yay!). The Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer claims to be all natural and formulated with safe and soothing ingredients to provide excellent coverage. It can even be used for the most sensitive of skins, and has a hydrating formula to keep your skin looking supple and feeling great.


The Klairs’ concealer comes in a twist-up tube, and is liquid in consistency. First off, I already like the packaging because it reminds me a little bit of higher end Western brands like Aesop. The design is clean, and it feels expensive as well. It also comes with this really nice doe-foot applicator that’s flat enough on one side to swipe on bigger areas like under the eyes, but still has a point small enough to really spot treat blemishes. Upon application, my first impression of this concealer was this is so watery and thin, how would this ever work to cover up spots and blemishes? But man, was I very pleasantly surprised! While this concealer does have a thinner formula compared to the cream concealers I’m used to, it still does provide pretty decent coverage. It pays to have patience when handling the product though: it requires a gentle dabbing motion to really let the product work at it’s best while blending it seamlessly into the skin. Now comes the amazing part: this concealer is actually build-able! For certain spots on my skin, just one layer wasn’t enough, and generally with concealers, putting on more than one layer would usually lead to caking up. However, this concealer does not cake up, no matter the amount of layers I used. I went up to 4 in some spots just to really make sure those hard to cover spots are dealt with, but it looked really seamless on my skin and blended really well into my base make up.


I’m actually very pleasantly surprised about how this concealer turn out, though I would recommend this more for people who don’t require full coverage on a daily basis, or don’t mind spending that little extra time and effort to build it up. I think it works perfectly under the eyes as it is lightweight, and is hydrating enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Hermo was generous enough to send me this product for review purposes, and if you’re interested to try out Klairs’ Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer for yourself, you can get it here at a discounted price of only RM56.60 till the end of February!

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*Products in this post were sponsored, but as always, I promise to give honest opinions and review of the products, no less. 😉