Review: Bare Minerals Fabled Favorites


Happy New Year, everyone! Its that time of the year again, you know what I’m talking about: SALE TIME! As always, one of my favorite spots to hit during this season (and any other time, really) is Sephora. I’ve never really tried Bare Minerals cosmetics before, and I saw this set on the shelve with 7 of their best sellers in deluxe sizes on sale. Who could say no to that right?

Before I get into the products themselves, lets talk about the price. I paid RM64 for this set (post Christmas sale price), which works out to be less than RM10 per item. Yes, granted these items are mini sized, but considering Bare Minerals’ products are of the higher end of the price spectrum, I thought these were a pretty good buy.


Okay, now onto the products. This kit comes with:

  • Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Rebel (0.8 ml / 0.02 oz.)
  • Prime Time Original Foundation Primer (4.5 ml / 0.15 oz.)
  • Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara in Intense Black (1.5 ml / 0.05 oz.
  • Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Speak Your Mind (1.5 g / 0.05 oz.)
  • Mineral Veil Finishing Powder (0.75 g / 0.03 oz.)
  • Beauty Blush (0.57 g / 0.02 oz.)
  • Queen Phyllis Eyecolor (0.57 g / 0.02 oz.)


First up on the list is the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Rebel.

Picture4Picture12Its a nice warm pink, perfect for everyday wear. It is a little sheer, but it does have okay colour payoff for a lipgloss. The texture is nice as well, not sticky but not too oily that it becomes slippery and slides around. My favorite part of this product is the scent: it’s got a minty fresh smell to it, and is just almost tingly on the lips. It doesn’t bite or hurt like some other plumping products as the sensation is relatively mild. I haven’t used lipgloss in a while because I’m more of a matte/ lipstick person, but I’ll definitely keep this one in my collection just because its very versatile and comfortable to wear.


Next up is the Prime Time Foundation Primer in Original. This primer feels nice and smooth when applied onto the skin, and it really helps to mattify the skin before foundation application. This squeezes out and applies clear, so people of all skintones can wear this without the fear of the dreaded whitecast it can leave behind. It’s unscented as well, which would treat those with sensitive skins and noses well, and  is all in all a pretty good primer.




The Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara in Intense Black is a really black lengthening and volumizing masacra (as the name suggests). As you can see from the pictures above, it really does a good job of coating them and holding the curl of the lashes, and mind you, I did NOT curl my eyelashes prior to application. The brush on this is pretty interesting: its big, and has little plastic bristles which curve throughout the wand, allowing it to really grab those lashes and separate them while still coating them in the product. I’m 95% sure that this mascara isn’t waterproof, which would be the only thing I’d change about it, but other than that, its a really nice mascara to try out if you’re looking for something different.



This is probably one of my favorites from this set. The Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Speak Your Mind is one of the more popular shades from this line, and I can definitely see why! SYM is a really nice, neutral light pink, which I’m sure would work great on lots of skintones. It has a satin finish, which gives just a little bit of sheen to the lips. Its lovely and glides on really smooth, no patches or streaks in its path. The scent of it is very mild as well which is definitely a big plus in my books. I can definitely see myself wearing a lipstick like this on an everyday basis.


The Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder is one which I’ve always heard people rave about. This translucent powder is used to set your make up, and is said to give the skin an almost photoshopped look. This powder is very, VERY smooth. I mean like, once you apply it on your skin, your skin feels silky and soft instantly. As you can tell,  I’m very fascinated that a powder product can do something like that. Its meant to suit all skin colours and tones as it is translucent, however I’d be careful about applying too much of this product on as it may leave a grey-white cast on the skin. Everything in moderation, ladies! I really wish they gave a bigger sized product of this to try out because as much as I’d like to say a little goes a long way, powders are a thing that I run out of pretty quickly. But other than that, this is a great product, and definitely one of the more intriguing ones for me from this kit.



How pretty is the Beauty Blush? This warm mid-toned pink is perfect for injecting a little colour into an easy everyday look. The blush applies on really nicely and is super easy to blend out. I feel like it does leave a teeny bit of a sheen on the skin, but its more satin than shimmery, so that’s very nice. Really pretty, and I can see this working on lots of skintones as well.



Last but definitely not least is this little pot of goodness right here. The Queen Phyllis Eyecolour can be described in just two words: stunning shimmeryness! Oh my goodness gracious me! Look at that beautiful white golden sheen! As you can probably already tell, this is my favorite out of the entire set, and with good reason too. This eyeshadow is buttery soft and its so easy to blend. Its super pigmented, and the shimmer really does stand out very well. I can see this being used a lot in the inner corner of the eyes to really bring some light into the look, or used as a lid colour for more dramatic looks. I’m so smitten with this eyeshadow, and I think that even though this came in a tiny pot, it’ll last me for quite a while as all I really need is just a tiny bit for the eyes each time.

I really like the concept that this kit is going for in the sense that they’ve basically put in enough products to cover just about the entire face. The only thing really missing from this would be a good concealer or foundation in a deluxe size, but including that could mean that not all skin colours and tones could enjoy this kit as much. Bare Minerals has really done a good job with assembling these together, and the fact that even the coloured items would suit most skin colours and tones really impresses me. The products in general are really great, and if you’re like me and you’re new to Bare Minerals, this is definitely a set you should get your hands on. πŸ™‚

Have you guys tried out anything from Bare Minerals which you really love? Make sure to let me know! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page for updates when I post, and make sure you follow my Instagram as well. Hope you guys have a great day, and an amazing year ahead! πŸ˜€