Review: SkinSoul’s Skin Shield Travelling Set

We’ve all been there, scrambling to pack our things before a trip. Hair curler: check, bikini: check, enough underwear: check… and then we reach the toiletries. There’s always the hassle of needing to find tiny bottles (either store bought or conveniently taken from hotel bathrooms), emptying them out, and refilling them with our product of choice. SkinSoul has thoughtfully come up with an entire set to suit a traveler’s needs, and I’m here to tell you what I think about it.

Picture1SkinSoul’s Traveling Set comes with 5 items:

  1. Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
  2. Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion
  3. Lift & Bright Serum
  4. 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream
  5. Night Cream

This set basically encompasses the main skincare range which SkinSoul offers. Their skincare range is made from pure organic Ashitaba tea leaves and a fusion of other botanical extracts like red micro-algae extract, Alps botanical stem cells, daisy flower extract and Swiss glacier water to create the products. These claim to aid in ultimate skin renewal by brightening the skin, help to reverse aging effects, guard skin from damaging pollutants as well as rejuvenate the skin. Those are some big claims for some tiny products. Lets see how they fare, shall we?

Let me first talk about the packaging of the product. Personally, I think they could have done a lot better. For the price tag of this set (more on the actual value later), they really could have afforded to add a little more “pizzazz” to their items. All the packaging is made out of plastic, and the white-blue combo looks a bit clinical to me, like these items are ointments that are supposed to help with a bodily infection I don’t want to talk about. However, the amount of product for both the face cleanser and the toner/lotion was pretty generous compared to other brands, so Brownie points to SkinSoul for that.



First up is the Hydra-Purifying Cleanser (30ml). This product claims to gently wash out impurities, excess sebum and pollutants from the skin while still maintaining the skin’s soft and suppleness. The cleanser has a nice, clean scent, very light in nature. It doesn’t really sud up much foam, and after using it to cleanse my face,  it didn’t leave it feeling dry or too tight. My skin felt clean and refreshed after.


Next in line is the Hydrating, Energizing & Pore-refining lotion. Now, as part of the set it is meant to be used as a toner (instructions involved soaking a cotton pad and using that on your face), however they sell the full sized item as a mist spray which you’re supposed to be able to use before and after your make up application, or as a spray on toner. Personally, I don’t think using a cotton pad to apply this on your face is the best method to use it. It applies on too thick and as it dries, it becomes sticky on your skin. However it does go away eventually, and when it does it becomes a little more bearable, my skin feels pretty nice too. I can see this working well as a face mist because using a spray generally allows you to spread liquids more evenly, but definitely not as good using it as a cotton pad toner.


Third in the set is the Lift & Bright Serum (we’re halfway there!). This product targets aging, and is formulated with smaller molecules of Ashitaba’s essence to penetrate the deep layers of the skin to restore elasticity and firmness. The product itself has a light scent, and has a clear but slightly thicker gel consistency compared to the toner. Now, this product falls under the “sticky” category as well. It smells and feels normal enough, but as it dries, it becomes tacky on the skin, even more so than the toner. But, all clouds have a silver lining right? Eventually (like the toner) it dries and the tacky feeling does go away, mostly. My skin does actually look a little brighter and fresher after using it. If you generally don’t mind your skin feeling sticky, this is a pretty good product to try out.


This one is probably my favorite item out of all five. This 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream has an SPF of 50, and claims to do 12 different things:

  • Hydrate and protect the skin
  • Unify complexion
  • Whiten and brighten skin
  • Even out skin tone
  • Conceal and correct blemishes
  • Anti-aging
  • Protect skin from UV rays
  • Promote natural skin health
  • Soothe skin irritation
  • Fight off damaging free radicals
  • Stimulate skin rejuvenation
  • Nourish skin for youthful radiance
Day Cream

Day Cream- swatched

Day Cream - blended

Day Cream- blended

That’s a lot of things to cram into a tiny bottle. On application, the cream has a beige tinge to it, almost like a BB cream. It is a little thicker than the traditional foundation or BB cream, and it definitely has less coverage as well. However it does give the skin an almost “photo-shopped” finish, somehow it blurs out the imperfections on the skin, albeit not covering them up completely. The only downside to this is that it has a very heavy sunblock chemical smell, but if you can get pass that, it’s actually a really nice product to try out. Definitely a good alternative to the many BB and CC creams out there.


Last but not least is the Night Cream from this range. This enriched night cream is recommended for more matured skin types as it is quite rich in nature. It works by depositing encapsulated retinol in precise concentrations at specific times of the night, helping the skin to recondition as you enjoy your beauty sleep.

Night cream

Upon swatching it on my hand, it applies on nicely, and it doesn’t feel too thick for a night cream like some others might. The scent (like most of the rest of the set) is quite light and pleasant, nothing too obnoxious.

My skin after putting on the products (except the night cream)

My skin after putting on the products (except the night cream)

After putting on these products together, I do feel that they do work very well together. SkinSoul has done a good job of combining these items, making sure that they compliment each other. My skin feels fresh, clean, hydrated and protected, ready to take on the day.

I will mention, however, that this set does have a hefty price tag of RM500. Like I mentioned earlier,  the packaging is not my favorite, but the products themselves are alright and is definitely on more of the higher end of the luxury spectrum. Fortunately for you though, as one of my sweet readers, I have a discount code for you that you can use to get this at a lower price:

If by any chance you’re interested to try the SkinSoul’s Skin Shield Traveling set out, I have a special coupon code for all my readers (yay discounts!). At SkinSoul’s outlet, all you have to do is mention #SsSydney , you’ll be entitled to purchase this set at only RM388. If you decide to buy some stuff from them and spend a minimum of RM100 on any other products in a single receipt, you’ll be able to get the Travelling Set for just RM100!

**T&C Applies

You can check out SkinSoul’s website here or their Facebook page here. 🙂

*This review was sponsored and the items used were sent to me. However I promise to always be honest in my reviews and give my own opinions, no less. 😉


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