Review: SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes

Picture2As a woman, there are two things in life which always gives me the feeling of  liberating satisfaction: taking off your bra after a super long day, and removing the inch worth of make up on my face after said day. Today, I’m here to do a review and a demo on an item which does the latter: SkinSoul’s Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes (unfortunately no one has come up with products to actually help remove your bra yet).


Now, I will not lie, these babies have a pretty big claim to their name; they claim to be super soft towelettes which remove pore-clogging impurities, dirt, grime and WATERPROOF make up, while still  hydrating and soothing your skin, all in one step! These towelettes are formulated with 4 essential oils, 4 antioxidants as well as 3 hydrating and soothing ingredients, and are paraben,  lanolin and alcohol free. These wipes are not suppose to irritate your skin and eyes as well, and is suitable even for those with the most sensitive skin as they do not contain perfume, colour or harsh chemicals. Sounds absolutely too good to be true right?

To put these to the ultimate test, I decided to dump a whole junk load of make up on my face, and use these to see how well they would fair.


As you can see, I went with a natural, everyday, super wearable look. Nah, just kidding. Thinking about it, I wanted to put on so much make up that I’d look like a clownThen I though, why not BE a clown? So I did. 😀 The make up I have on my face consists of the whole works: powders, liquids, creams, stains, waterproof, non waterproof, pencils, crayons… You name it, I probably had it on my face.

here's a close up

here’s a close up. Getting nightmares yet?


The wipes are really cottony soft, and the most effective way to use them is to place it on your skin and allow it to sit for a little while (maybe 10-15 seconds) before wiping. This gives a chance for the solution to work and loosen the make up, making sure your skin is nice and clean by the time you’re done.


I did half my face first to show you the results side by side, and you can see it actually did a really good job removing everything. The hardest things to remove on my face were probably the waterproof mascara and the cheek stain, but those came right off without any annoying peeves like needing to scrub really hard or constantly going over the same spot a million times. The wipes didn’t burn (probably because it doesn’t have any alcohol) or leave any nasty, sticky residue on my face and it definitely does make my skin feel nice and supple. Quite hydrating indeed! They have a very gentle scent as well, nothing obnoxious or too strong. I know these wipes can be used on their own without doing a second cleansing, but I still prefer to do it just to ensure that my skin is nice and clean before I settle in for the night.

You'll definitely have nightmares after this one

You’ll definitely have nightmares after this one (naked face AAAHHH)

I’m genuinely surprised at how much I like these towelettes. My skin feels refreshed and really clean without being dry and too tight. I love the scent as well (which is a big plus for me), and the wipes themselves feel like they’re of exceptional quality. Honestly the only down side to these are that they cost RM58 for a packet of 60 wipes. In comparison to my favorite (but really, no where as luxurious) Daiso ones which come in a pink packet which give me 20 wipes for a whopping price tag of RM5.30 (including GST). However if you’re willing to splurge on these, they’re very nice to have in your skin care routine. 🙂

If by any chance you’re interested to try the SkinSoul’s Ultra Soft Towelettes out, I have a special coupon code for all my readers (yay discounts!). At SkinSoul’s outlet, all you have to do is mention #SsSydney , with every purchase of 2 packets of the Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes, you’ll be given a limited edition, not for sale SkinSoul Lip Balm. As a reader of mine, you’ll also be entitled to purchase the SkinSoul Travelling Set for only RM388 (Np Rm500). If you decide to buy some stuff from them and spend a minimum of RM100 on any other products in a single receipt, you’ll be able to get the Travelling Set for just RM100!

**T&C Applies

You can check out SkinSoul’s website here or their Facebook page here. 🙂

*This review was sponsored and the items used were sent to me. However I promise to always be honest in my reviews and give my own opinions, no less. 😉


2 thoughts on “Review: SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes

  1. THis is my first time reading ur blog. and I enjoy reading this post. Normally when everyone is sobusy now. esp after a tiring working. all they wish to do is just REST. I like your this post,1. the pic guide me there. and it’s interesting! and creative. 2. even your words are compelling. .keep on on your blog!

    Just paste your blog link into my blog link reading list =D

    • Hello! Welcome to my blog. 🙂 thank you for the lovely compliments. 🙂 I believe in giving honest reviews, no matter what, and that’s what I aim to do while trying to keep my content as interesting as I can make it. Please do subscribe and drop by again soon. 🙂 have a good day! x

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