Dupe it: Colourpop Frida and Nyx Zurich


Let me tell you: there is no bigger satisfaction (or regret) like finding out that you have an amazing item, and a similar or identical other item that either functions better, has a cheaper price tag, or even better, does both! It is said that “no two snowflakes are the same”. However, this is not always true in the world of make up. I’ve decided to start a series where I show you dupes (or duplicates) of products, so that if you’re wondering if you should get yet another shade of that pink, or if you want to save a couple of bucks by buying a cheaper alternative, or if you’re just hankering to get that hard to find item, this will be able to help you out.


We all know that Colourpop Lippiestix are all the rage, and considering the fact that they practically don’t exist in Malaysia, these babies are pretty rare and hard to find. Let’s just take a moment to imagine my immense excitement when I finally got my hands on one of these, then my crippling lack of emotion once I discovered I had practically the exact shade of lipstick already sitting in my lip goo collection collecting dust. So I popped that baby out, swatched it, and decided that I needed to share it with the world. One of Colourpop’s more popular colours is Frida: a warm, mid-toned peachy pink with a satin finish. On application, this feels satin, and after a couple of minutes, dries almost matte. The scent is really pleasant, and the way the lipstick is combined with the shape of applicator make applying the product really easy.

Now, Frida’s twin is Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Zurich is almost the exact shade of peachy pink, except its just the tiniest, most minuscule tone pinker. It applies a little more satin than Frida, but dries to a nice matte as well. This one comes with a decent sized doe-foot applicator, making application easy as well. If you’re looking for an extra crisp line, try getting most of the product off the applicator before slapping that baby on.

Nyx Zurich vs Colourpop Frida

From the swatches above, they look more fraternal than identical in both shade and texture, even up close on the lips they look a little bit different. But with both of them on, honestly people can’t tell the difference. You might even lost track of which side is what after a while.

Left: Colourpop Frida Right: Nyx Zurich
Left: Colourpop Frida
Right: Nyx Zurich


They look the same on right? These will also last quite a while on you because they dry matte. So if you’re looking for an easier to find alternative to Frida, Nyx has you covered. πŸ˜‰

Let me know what you think, and what are come of your favorite dupes? Would you like me to do more on Colourpop cosmetics or are there any other brands or products you would like to see?


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