LaF Water Bomb Ampoule


Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve been slacking on my skincare routine. The long work days eat into the time I have to pamper my complexion, and I’ve been tired and lazy. As a result, my skin has been drier and more irritated than usual. To minimize my skin’s discomfort, I’ve told myself that I will do at least a 4-step, bare minimum routine – cleanser, toner, serum and cream. Sheet masks that I do at work don’t count, but I’m thanking my lucky stars and the skincare gods for that blessing. ❤


Let’s start off with my skin type: I have dry combination skin that’s quite sensitive. So trying to find a product that suits all that can sometimes be a challenge. However, I’ve been reaching for a serum in particular pretty often over the last month or so, and it’s the LaF (Lost and Found) Water Bomb Ampoule. LaF is a Korean company that creates products as solutions to beauty problems, so this was perfect for solving my skin’s issues. This pretty little bottle was given to me thanks to The Butterfly Project and Mamasan Tammy Lim, and here’s how it’s fared on my skin thus far!

Okay, you caught me. I guess technically the Water Bomb Ampoule isn’t exactly a serum. It’s an ampoule, which means the product is more effective on the skin either based on the potency or the processing of the ingredients (but I still treat it like a serum, shh don’t tell anyone). It contains a mix of “safe ingredients” that my skin agrees with including aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate (derived from hyaluronic acid), betaine and allantoin to deeply hydrate my complexion while soothing away any redness I might have.


This ampoule comes with a glass dropper to perfectly dispense just the right amount for your face (how classy!), and it sits pretty at a decent 30ml. The thing that I really like about the Water Bomb Ampoule is the way it feels on my skin. It has a slightly gel-like texture when dispensed, but it immediately liquifies and absorbs into the skin. If my skin was feeling tight and dry before, this ampoule immediately soothes the tightness and gives my complexion a boost of hydration. The scent itself is also lovely: a light hint of aloe vera to really punch in that it’ll moisturize your skin!


I like layering this in between my toner and my cream by applying on a generous layer and doing a combination of both massaging and patting motions till it’s totally absorbed into my skin. The result right after is plump, super hydrated skin that I can really appreciate. The hydration lasts on my skin, especially if I top it off with a nice thick cream to seal it all in at the end. With LaF’s Water Bomb Ampoule, what you see is what you get: a product that does exactly what it claims to.


I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for something that will hydrate your skin without the thrills and frills. This ampoule is great for adding onto your skincare, and will be suitable for all skin types. If you’d like to know it’s full ingredients, you can find it on COSDNA. It’s priced at RM47.++ and you can check it out for yourself here.

Chill By Swasana Spa @ Impiana KLCC Hotel


Do you like massages? Man, I love massages. There’s no greater satisfaction than having pent-up stress literally being pressed out of you. Your muscles become less tense and your body feels like a giant weight has been lifted off, like something in your brain has clicked into place and it releases all those nice hormones. It just really helps to align your body, mind and soul, bringing them together to a place of peace, serenity and rejuvenation like you wouldn’t believe. Continue reading “Chill By Swasana Spa @ Impiana KLCC Hotel”

Wanderlust Things Unicorn Brushes

My fellow mystical creatures, rejoice! The beauty gods have blessed us with these gorgeous Unicorn Brushes from Wanderlust Things! Whether you’re just a little extra or you feel it in your soul that you’re more than just human (ahem, mermaid, ahem), these brushes are perfect for adding a little magic to your vanity table and to your beauty routine.

Unicorn Brushes

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ETS KL-Ipoh Review + Vlog

Okay, so I’m not the most well versed when it comes to public transport. I’m not a big fan of squishing into small places with lots of people, wondering who or what was emanating that odd smell while worrying if my ass is in someone’s way. So you can imagine my (slight) hesitation when Tammy (my boss) was like, “guys, let’s take the train to Ipoh together for team bonding! It’ll be fun and comfortable!”. Mamasan Tammy had a brilliant team bonding weekend planned for me and my Althean colleagues that included having some good eats and spending a day in The Lost World Of Tambun for some fun activities. #GlamSquadOnVacay Continue reading “ETS KL-Ipoh Review + Vlog”

The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Unboxing Haul

I had the pleasure of attending The Butterfly Project’s 4th birthday party last month. It was a lovely time when all the Butterflies came to celebrate such a great community that has brought bloggers and content creators of like minds together. This would not be possible without head, founder and mamasan of TBP, Tammy who has poured out so much time, effort and love into this community. We love you! ❤


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Sultry Brownie Look (1028 Visual Therapy Brand Review)

1028 Complete look 2

I LOVE to bake. I love everything about it: the mixing, the scooping, the whisking… I love it all (except the washing up, of course). I’m an avid baker of brownies because they’re easy to make and taste absolutely divine: chewy, melty and chocolatey with every bite (here’s the recipe I always go back to, in case you were wondering). So when the opportunity came up to create a look inspired by brownies came up, I knew I definitely had to jump onto that bandwagon ASAP! Continue reading “Sultry Brownie Look (1028 Visual Therapy Brand Review)”

TBP Detox: My Fave Cleanser

So The Butterfly Project has recently launched a new little project for bloggers to come onto their blogs and be quick and raw about a topic. I think it’s a fantastic idea to have people not have to worry so much about superficial things (i.e. taking a million pictures to have ONE good shot, then editing the hell out of it anyway) and really remember the fundamentals of blogging in the first place: to share information and opinions. I’m going to take this opportunity to make posts like this quick and easy to read and digest with as much information as possible regarding my experiences with particular products. This month’s topic is “My Fave Cleanser”, and since I do a double cleansing routine on the daily, I’ll be talking about a cleansing balm, as well as a foam cleanser. Continue reading “TBP Detox: My Fave Cleanser”

Palladio Velvet Matte Metallic Cream Colour (Review + Swatches)

Palladio Velvet Metallic Matte Cream Lip Colour 2

I remember when the metallic lipstick trend first exploded on the scene. My first thoughts sounded something like “Why would anyone wear something that emphasizes the cracks of their lips like that?” and “God, isn’t that terribly gaudy?”. Well, I’m ready to eat my words now: I really want more of that liquid metal on my face! Formulas have improved tremendously over time, and I found myself in love with the cool futuristic sheen that adds just enough drama to a look without looking like you tried too hard.
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Brand Review: Orkid Cosmetics

I love the idea of trying out what brands from the local scene has to offer. There’s something pretty satisfying about trying something out and being able to compare it to other bigger brands that everyone is accustomed to. I was recently given the chance to try out Orkid Cosmetics, a Malaysian brand that specializes in matte liquid lipsticks, and honey, you KNOW I’m all about that liquid lipstick life.

Orkid Cosmetics

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